Construction projects are time bound and they require large investment. We at Build Joy are conscious of this and it is our endeavour to provide you with critical information and services. We are continuously working hard to update our services to generate more value for our customers. Our Teams are specialised in New Build Homes & Flat Construction.

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New Build Homes

Build Joy construction teams specialises in all types of New Build residential construction work. We have a highly professional team of construction builders who specialises in piling foundation to underpinning, from Flats to Bungalow, from Basements to Swimming Pools. Tell us when to come and visit your work so that we can help you with our services.


Flats & Residential projects

We specialize in flat construction projects to the value of £5 million. Build Joy has a specialized building teams who can handle different types of residential projects. We have our in-house team of architect, structural engineer and QS. We have the right expertise to take care of any residential constructional products, right from the planning stage to the completion of the project.


Design & Build

Our building project management team will get into the A to Z of every project requirement. This will include a measured survey, understanding clients’ spatial requirement, and design development, helping with all kinds of Architecture & Interior Designing and finally building the project.


Loft Conversions

More and more homeowners are going for loft conversions in London. A loft conversion is a process where we will completely transform an empty attic space into a functional room to be used as a bedroom or office space or storage. Build Joy is the loft conversion specialist who specializes in structural changes, spatial planning, building the loft as per the project requirement. We have converted many Lofts in West & Central London. We are the right loft conversion specialist in London that you can count on. 


Bill of Quantities

Bill of quantities is a detailed-oriented and time-consuming process. Through bill of quantities, you as a property owner will receive all the valuable information, which will help you manage and keep an eye on the project. Bill of quantities is used for construction projects over £100,000.


Construction Estimates

Constructions estimates are prepared by architectural, planning and structural drawings. Under construction estimates, all the elements of building phase will be calculated in detail with the material, labour and plant hire. This way, you will get to know the exact cost of your intended build. Construction estimates are quite a handy budgeting tool, which will allow you to compare quotes received from different builders. 


Project Management

Build Joy has independent planning in construction management managers. We undertake residential projects from £500,000 and onwards. Starting from the designing process to the completion of the project certificate. We bring our experience and industry contacts to help you navigate the entire build process. Build Joy makes sure to deliver projects on time and within budget. 


Tender Package

The tender package is the complete set of documents that you can send to different builders to bid for a particular project. Tender package includes a visit to the site to study and research about the scope of a given project, schedule of work, material specifications, and full information to builders based on the drawings, structural calcs & building regs drawings for pricing. Tender package will let you secure better prices from the builders.