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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How should i request for an Estimate from Build Joy ?
    Please Share the following information by email to Build Joy. 1. Your Planning & Building Drawings with Build Joy on email. 2. Please Prepare a Rough Scope of Works for your building requirement. 3. Please advice on the any extras you would want to include in Estimates On receiving the details, Build Joy may wish to book a Site Visit before they prepare the estimate. If visit is not required then the Estimate will be emailed to you in 7 working days time.
  • What are Planning Drawings ?
    Planning Drawings are prepared by your Architect and used for Planning Applications. Planning Drawings consist of Site Plan, Existing House Plans, Proposed House Plans, Existing House Elevations and Proposed House Elevations.
  • What are Building Regulation Drawings ?
    Once you have your Site Plans Approved by Planning Officer, you will be required to move to the next level of preparing the Build. Building Regulations or Building regs drawings consist of Detailed Structural Drawings, Structure Calculations, Section Drawings, Drainage Details Drawings, M&E Drawings. These drawings vary for different Building requirements. These Drawings are required to Formalise your Estimate into Formal quote.
  • How Can I book a Build Joy Team for my Future Building works
    By making a Tentative Deposit of £500+Vat. You can pre-book your Building works in advance. This will ensure that the the Building Team is booked for your requirement up to 2 months in advance. The amount is refundable if you cancel 21 days befoe the Building Date, the amount is non refundable thereafter. You can Discuss the details of the Build and finalise minor details of the Build once the team is booked.
  • How to Book Building Control for your Build ?
    You need to serve notice & pay the Building Control Fees in advance alongwith the Building regulations Drawings with the Building Control for approval. The Build can only start 7 working days after the notice has been served. No Works including demolition can start without the Notice approval of the Building Control. Build Joy helps & guides you with proper implementation of Build as per the law.
  • How long does it make to build an Extension ?
    Design an Extension : An Architect usually takes 2 weeks to survey, prepare plans according to your needs and requirement. Thereafter on your approval he will will submit the Planning application to the concerned Planning department of your Borough. Getting Planning : Planning approvals generally takes 8 to 12 weeks. Structural Calculations & Building Regulation drawings : Structural Engineer and your Architect usually takes another 2-3 weeks to provide you with all the necessary calculations and drawings Build Time : a typical 30m Ground floor extension will take approximately 12-14 weeks to build, but this may vary depending on specifications required on each projects. Some High Specification Extensions with Structural openings can take up to 16 weeks also.
  • What is a Party wall ?
    Party wall agreements are done with your neighbours to protect them from any damage / eventuality arising from your build project. You will be required to serve notice to your neighbours prior to getting into the building phase. Please check with us if you really need to serve notice as in few cases you don't need to undertake Party wall agreements.
  • Do i need a Building Control, If Yes then how to appoint them ?
    You can do it yourself or ask for our assistance, but all extensions, Loft and Building work requires you to appoint Building Control. Our Office consultants will guide you with the process, if you wish to have our assistance.
  • Is Build Joy Limited insured ?
    Yes, we are insured for £5 million Public Liability insurance, You & Your property will be fully covered in any unlikely event any damage happens.
  • What is the Payment Plan of Build Joy ?
    We follow two different types of payment plans on each build, and the same is agreed and shared with all our clients prior to the Build Works. Deposits : We charge 10% deposit - minimum 10 days prior to the start of the project, so that we could prepare the Materials and Plant & Machinery to be in time for the Build. Thereafter the Payment plans are either Valuation based or as per Build Phase. Valuation Based Payment Plan : This is for the Big Build projects where a Contract Administrator and QS is in place and the payments are subject to valuations of the works carried out. Build Phase Payment Plan : This is as per the Build Phase of the construction. At every completion of a Build Phase we will Invoice you for the amount agreed in advance. This is the most accepted Payment Plan by our clients. Our Project Managers can share more details on request.
  • How do I edit or remove the "FAQ title"?"
    The FAQ title can be adjusted in the settings tab of the App Settings. You can also remove the title by unchecking its checkbox in the settings tab.
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