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Build Joy
Builders & Contractors

Build Joy has experience in building and constructing home extensions, loft conversions, roofing, and more. Throughout the years of our experience, we have enjoyed continued growth and success built on our core values of innovation, fairness, integrity, and services. The ethos of Build Joy is to build and maintain trusting and lasting relationships with all our clients.


If you own a property and thinking of doing some renovations, don’t hesitate to call the best building contractor in London. We have earned a reputation of completing multiple projects of different varieties to the highest standards, within budget and on time.


Being one of the most reliable building contractors in London, we understand that quality work has to be the forefront of each service that we provide. Our top-quality work is attributed to our commitment to having only the best, skilled, and the most experienced personnel.


Build Joy has a team of highly skilled and experienced personals who ensure to do their job diligently. We can take pretty much all the jobs assigned to us without any hassle. In case of changes, we make sure to talk to you and guide you for the best building project so that your needs and requirements are satisfied.

Surprisingly Cost-Effective

As the top design and build contractors, we ensure to work with all the correct tools depending on the job. Not just this, knowing that you will not like to go beyond your budget, we ensure to offer you a price quote, which will be cost-effective. You can rely on us for getting the job done.


Build Joy doesn’t only care about its clients; we care for the environment too. That’s why we perform all our operations, keeping in mind to minimize the negative impacts on the environment. We aim to work along with environmental-friendly products and also reduce the waste we produce.

Country Style Home

Home Extensions

We live in a contemporary world, and to meet the requirements of our contemporary lifestyle, we need extra living spaces that are practical and flexible, but also inspiring and creative. A home extension can provide you with space where you can live happily.


Why Go For A Home Extension?


Property prices in London are still comparatively high. This is why homeowners go for home extensions in London rather than find a brand-new home. If the living space is cluttered and cramped, or you would like to renovate your lovely home, contact the best house extensions builders so that we can help you out.


Tell Build Joy what you crave for in a good home. Do you need an open-plan living area? We can add a conservatory glass to brighten up your home. Else, you might like the idea of having a side-return extension, roof lanterns, or bi-fold doors! Anything is possible when you get in touch with Build Joy.


Suppose you want us to transform your boring kitchen into wow-factor kitchen-diner home extension, or need seamless integration of internal living area and outside space, or enjoy a cosy den so that you along with everyone else in your family can watch movies. In that case, we are just a call away.


Why Choose Build Joy?


Our specialized team will work for you so that we can implement your ideas and work forward to create the right space that will give you peace of mind.


Build Joy makes it the mission to remove all the tensions and stress while working on the home extension project.


If you want more space for your home, don’t look any further and get in touch with us so that we can explore your house, and give you the best ideas regarding home extensions. Your house extension builders in London are right here for you! 

Loft Conversions

Time to unlock the treasure trove of extra space that’s hidden away right in your loft! A loft conversion is best suitable for people working from home or for growing families. 


Why Go For Loft Conversions?


Build Joy offers bespoke and highly advanced loft conversion services at a highly competitive price throughout London. If you are looking for the best loft conversion in London company, get in touch with us right away. 


Loft conversions can make a big difference to your lovely home. It creates a whole new floor and space, providing an ample amount of additional space for your family to breathe. 


No matter why you are going for a loft conversion, Build Joy can help you create that extra space that you need without any hassle. With a loft conversion, you will no longer have to search for a larger property. Better still, do you know that loft conversion is considered to be among the top five ways to enhance the value of your house? 


Loft conversions can be the perfect way to have extra space for your growing family. When it comes to loft conversions, we can assure that you will never fall short of styles. Please tell us the type of loft conversion you will like to go for, and how you would like it to be, we guarantee to work as per your needs and wants. 


Why Choose Build Joy?


Whether you would like to go for a full dormer conversion, mansard, or skylight conversions, we will have a detailed conversation with you to see what will work the best for your loft space. 


Build Joy takes care of every stage, right from the initial design to the completion of the project. We are the right loft conversion specialist in London that you can count on. 


Call us today for London loft conversions project, and let’s join hands to give you that additional space that you direly need. 

Residential Neighborhood


The best London Roofing Specialists Right at Your Service


Build Joy has a team of qualified London roofing specialist. We welcome all kinds of roofing enquiries both from commercial and residential clients. When choosing Build Joy as your roofing specialist, rest assured you will receive bespoke workmanship. Build Joy uses only the best roofing materials to get the job done.

What Build Joy Can Take Care Of:


  • New roofing installations

  • Reroofs

  • Commercial roofs

  • Flat roofing in felt, fibreglass, GRP, or liquid rubber

  • Roofing repairs

  • Emergency roofing repairs

  • Chimneys and leadwork

If you require any roofing renovations, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Build Joy. Along with taking care of our client’s needs and wants, we also ensure to take care of nature. This is the reason why we recycle between 80-90% of all the waste that we produce.


Why Choose Build Joy?


Enhanced Work Safety


Keep all the unnecessary risks at bay. Build Joy has a team of certified and experienced roofing professionals who will ensure to take safety measures while doing a roofing job.


Quality Materials Used


Being the top roof repairs London specialist, we make sure to use only high-quality roofing materials. This way, we get to make sure that your roof repairs will last for a long time. We know how to distinguish high-quality materials from inferior quality materials.


We Are Cost-Effective


You heard it right! We offer our roofing service at a highly cost-effective price. We have a good report with all the local suppliers, and we can get the raw materials at a much affordable price. We are also equipped with the right tool, meaning we come prepared.


Fast and Smooth Service


Roofing installation and repairing are time-consuming jobs. Since we will be sending only professionals to take care of this task, you can expect us to provide you with smooth and fast service.


Not every roofer are the same; that’s why you need to connect with Build Joy, who is always punctual, serious about their job, and 100% professional.

Housing Development

Refurbishments & Remodeling of

The home refurbishments and remodelling expert in London.


Whether you have a small or big house if you want to go for house refurbishment in London, Build Joy is right here at your service. Once you contact us for a refurbishment or remodelling of the house project, we will provide you with a dedicated project manager assigned for your job that will take care of the entire project. This way, you will have a single point of contact, and not have to worry about calling multiple people to get an update about your refurbishment and remodelling task.


Why Go For Refurbishment and Remodeling of Houses?


Increase Home Value


When you go for refurbishments and remodelling of your house, you right away increase the value of your home. Remodelling and refurbishments will mean upgrading your home’ layout, and that can make a huge difference when you think about selling your house.


Better Living Space


When you remodel your house, you will add square footage, which will ultimately accentuate the look and feel of your current structure. Look for the right London refurbishment company who will transform your existing home into something stunning.


Added Comfort


Remodelling doesn’t necessarily mean remodelling of the entire house. You can go for the refurbishment of your bedroom, kitchen, or even the bathrooms, and you will see that it adds more comfort to your house.


Contact Build Joy


Build Joy has a team of highly qualified and skilled house renovation London professionals. We have the right experience that is needed to keep the job done smoothly and on schedule. Right from the designing process to the finish, Build Joy ensures to take responsibility for the entire job.


If you are looking for house refurbishment and remodelling in London, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.


Do take a look at our gallery to have a better idea of our refurbishment and remodelling of houses.

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Working Areas


We are working at most of the locations inside Motorway M25. We are open to Travel to work upto 50 miles outside Greater London.



Qualified and experienced team


Large crew


Insured for £ 5 Million


Office Infrastructure to back the project


Low Deposit


Stagewise Payments


Client references


Well funded and debt-free company

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