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How to Get a House Extension Right

Updated: Jun 22, 2021

Many of us are now finding that we are running out of space around the home yet the idea of moving fills us with dread. The stress & the hassle are just two reasons for avoiding moving home. And not forgetting the costs associated with it. So, instead of moving, more people are now considering a house extension. This is proving to be a house extensions cost-effective alternative. So, what can a House Extension offer you?

Consider the Extra Space

This almost goes without saying but it’s the kind of space it can offer that has to be acknowledged. A house extension ideas can take many forms but ultimately, it can be anything you want it to be. Whether you’re looking to extend your kitchen, add an additional room or expand the home in its entirety but adding more bedrooms. The extra space will offer you so much more. That makes your home more comfortable, spacious & practical.

Work With Experts

There are many construction companies out there that claim to offer the best house extension service. But it’s important to use a company that you can trust. The process of opting for an extension is detailed, especially when you have to have plans drawn up. The planning permission granted and then have the work completed.

Therefore, it’s important to use a company that you can trust and one that comes recommended. When you choose us, you’ll receive a tailored service & our expertise. While we also understand the process from start to finish. This will ensure that you receive a house extension that will really set your home apart.

Create your Own Space

The great thing about a house extension is the way in which you can add something to your property that is your own. While you might have purchased the property in its current state, you can put your own stamp on your property. Making it feel as though it is truly yours. Whether you opt for a single-storey extension, a full extension or you want to extend the back of your property to create a kitchen/diner that extends onto the garden, you can do it all.

It’s a Simplified Process

Many people believe that the process of a house extension is difficult & challenging. Of course, if you opt to take care of the process yourself, then you are going to face challenges. As most of them will come down to a lack of experience. But, when you choose a company like us, we can take care of the process which means that it couldn’t be easier. You will have a hands-off experience as we can project manage it all. This allows you to focus on your day-to-day commitments. While watching your home transform in front of your very eyes.

Can I put an extension on my house?

Addition or a house extension is generally considered to be permitted development. So there is no need to go through any additional hassle of getting planning permission. As long as if the extension is not more than half the area of land around the curtilage.


If you are considering a house extension, there are a wealth of benefits that come with it. However, to ensure you get it right, you’ll need to make considerations to make sure everything goes to plan. Also, check our blog here or visit our FaceBook page.

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