Feltham Area New House Extension


Main Road

Full House Refurbishment in the Feltham area.
Do you need an architect for an extension?
If you are looking for a cutting-edge contemporary extension that pushes the boundaries of the eco-design as well as which exploits the latest materials and their thinking, then you must probably go straight to an architect. Then you will need to shop around as because not all will specialise in this type of extension you need.
House Extension or full Refurbishment in Feltham area
If you are looking for the best house extensions that are specific to your requirements then Build Joy is the best choice in Feltham. We work on your house extension project in location as if you plan to expand your kitchen, room or solid brick addition or extra space. For the house extension plan in Feltham, we will take care of all aspects of your project including compliance with building regulations and much more. Home extension plans, as well as the execution, can be a long & lonely path as well. We make sure that you always have our experts by your side at every instance of your project in the Feltham area.