How to Save on Energy Bills by improving your House !

Did you know that you can save a lot on your energy bills by making certain changes to your house? On the contrary, do you know that you can lose a lot of energy as well, if your house is not up-to-the mark according to certain standards? Here is a list of certain things that can bring down your energy bills. #Houseimprovements

Poor Insulation:

If your home has inadequate insulation, the hot air your natural gas heating system supplies will escape through cracks, doors, windows, and even the attic and garage. Correcting your home’s insulation can help bring your bill down. #Insulation

Insulate your Outer walls:

If you are not so stuck on Bricks Finish, we recommend that you insulate your outer walls with min 25mm Insulation sheets and K-Render on top for beautiful finish. This will help you achieve the right U-value of your house and in turn less heating will be required to warm your house.

Insulate your Floors:

If you have a timber suspended floor, it will help to replace it with Concrete floor with 100mm insulation below the screed. This is a one-time cost but it will reduce your bills considerably for next 20 years. #construction

Replace your Old Windows with Newer ones :

Stopping heat from escaping through unwanted gaps around doors and windows could help you save money according to the Energy Saving Trust. You could save even more with professional draught-proofing. Take a look at the following areas:

Windows Use draught-proofing strips around the frame. Brush strips work better for sash windows Doors Use draught-proofing strips around the edges and brush or hinged-flap draught excluders at the bottom Chimney and fireplace If you don't use your fireplace, use an inflatable pillow to block the chimney, or fit a cap over the chimney pot. Use draught-proofing foam strips to keep heat in. #windowslondon

Get Energy Efficient Bulbs:

Please get new Energy efficient LED Bulbs, they consume 60% Less electricity then Traditional Bills.

Install Smart Thermostat:

Smart thermostats can make your heating more efficient by only warming the rooms you are using.

They learn how long it takes to heat your home, so they can have it at the right temperature at exactly the right time.

They can also be controlled by your phone, which means you won?t have to come back to a cold home.

If you installed room thermostats, programmers, and thermostatic radiator valves, you could save around £75 a year.

Use the Eco setting:

On your dishwasher or boiler, the eco setting heats water more slowly, using less energy. You get the same results; it just takes a little longer.

Replace your Gas Boiler with newer technology:

Replace your old Gas Boiler with a newer technology, like Air Source Heat Pump or Solar Heat Pump. When you book an order with us we will advise you the best of technology, that will suit your Home. We have installed them in many Houses that we have built in last few years and clients have been very happy with reduced monthly bills. #builderLondon #ConstructioncompanyLondon

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