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Create additional Space in your House with Loft Conversion

Updated: Jun 22, 2021

The loft conversion stands for space under the roof of a house that has been adapted into a living area. Such as a bedroom, Bathroom, Kids play area, TV room. There are some of the loft conversion ideas for Houses & Bungalows by Buildjoy.

Loft conversion ideas for Houses & Bungalows

To determine the kind of loft conversion ideas that will suit you, you must look at the shape of your existing roof. Also, your budget constraints & the permission for development rights. So here are some of the loft conversion ideas for houses & bungalows:

  • A simple flat roof dormer is a box-shaped design that allows conventional windows to be installed without any dramatic changes needed. With proportional light and cross-ventilation, this design gives transcendent internal space as well as it is most suitable for UK houses.

  • The mansard loft conversion is constructed by increasing the wall which you share with your neighbours. It offers more rooms as compared to some other conversions & blends well in traditional bungalows too.

  • A hip to gable loft conversion straightens an inwardly slanted roof end to develop a vertical wall that increases the space within the loft.

Cost-Effective plan for Loft Conversion Ideas for Bungalows & Houses

The loft conversion ideas for houses & bungalows are a brilliant method to add lots of space at an economical or affordable price. In general, bungalows built before 1960 have the most extended lofts as they possess load-bearing walls that can sustain the new loft rooms. These conventionally designed bungalows were large, open & deep-set. It makes them easy to accommodate a loft extension. Their roofs offer a steep pitch that makes it require a dormer window either.

As with these traditional houses, the minimum obligation to convert a loft into a comfortable space is like having a head height of at least 2.3m at their highest point. However, adding a new loft can increase the value of your house/bungalow too.

How much does it cost to a loft conversion?

For building cost estimates budget somewhere in the UK region is about £400 to £500 per square foot without Finishing.

If you do want to rebuild from the ground up, then this would constitute a new build home. You will then qualify for the 0% VAT, which represents a significant saving for you.

Planning Permission for a Loft Conversion

Most bungalow loft conversions do not need any planning permission as they come under Permitted Development or PD as long as they meet some vital conditions. If your home design doesn’t comply, then a planning application will be required to be made. As it will for bungalows in Conservation areas as well as the areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty or some National Parks. Even one potential restriction on PD conversions is the total volume that is allowed for the new additions. Like dormer windows or hip-to-gable conversions that must not exceed 50 cubic meters (50m3) or 40m3 for the terrace.

Some other important Planning Permission Rules:

  • You will not be allowed to raise the height of the roof.

  • On the main elevation facing the highway, you’re not allowed to construct any dormers or any other thing that projects out from the roof. Though, you can install some roof windows.

  • Any dormers or any other roof extensions stuff should be set back a minimum of 200mm from the original eaves.

  • No balconies or raised platforms are authorized though.

  • Materials must be similar in appearance to the live bungalow also.

Loft Conversion Plans Examples

Here are some loft conversion ideas for houses & bungalows with images:

Factors that Affects the cost

  • Much of course depends on the specification as well as the desired quality of fittings and their finishing.

  • These sums also assume the existing foundations which are sufficient with no requirement for further foundations as well as the structural support.

  • A typical Loft Conversion can be expected to take about 6 to 8 weeks. Although a planning application is required or the Party Wall Agreements have to be factored in as you will need to add at least another couple of months for the overall programme.

How to know if the Loft is Suitable for Conversion?

  • A test when assessing if the lofts are suitable for conversion whether you can comfortably stand up as well as wave your arms around.

  • But some houses/bungalows were built with shallow roofs that can make conversion unfeasible though.

How much time does a loft conversion take?

It takes 6 to 8 weeks as the average length of time for a House or Bungalow Loft Conversion. But it is worthy to bear in mind that the planning stage may also take a considerable amount of time. Especially if the planning permission is needed and a Party Wall Agreement needs to be negotiated with the neighbours.

Best extensions for a Bungalow/ House

Typically, Dormer loft extensions are favourable for the houses/bungalows, as adding rooms and additional room within the loft space. There are numerous extensions for the loft conversion ideas for bungalows. Such as:

  • Extend Structure across your Back

If you live on a street with houses that already have more than one floor then you should be easily granted planning permission to extend beyond the existing roof space though. So, adding the dormer windows at the front can help to retain the character for a traditional bungalow extension. However, at the back of your house, you can extend to a complete ceiling height to create more headspace.

  • Extend the kitchen

Adding a single-storey rear extension out the back to open up the kitchen space is a good idea. Finishing the build with glass doors as well as the skylight windows allows more light to enhance the space.

  • Mixed loft conversion styles

This converted bungalow has been commiserated to the single-storey nature of the original structure by using the loft space to add another floor without changing the exterior too greatly. So, a combination of Dormer loft & the skylight windows has been used. Skylight Loft conversions are one of the most favourable style design as they don’t alter the roof structure. That is why, here, to maximise the scale of any space, the owner too has incorporated elements of a Dormer loft conversion.

  • Enhancing the architecture with your garden room

Add a light and airy extension to a bungalow with the addition of a glasshouse as well as a conservatory too. This is one of the best loft conversion ideas for house/bungalows.

Proper design to develop

When you contact for the Loft Conversion ideas for bungalows, an initial visit to your house will be carried out. It will take a survey to conclude the range of work that is needed to be carried out. We will create a proper design to develop.


Regardless of how you may have decided to take advantage of your attic space, several restrictions are applying for a loft conversion:

  • Lack of load-bearing walls.

  • Original building features need to be worked around as well.

  • You may not be allowed to have dormers or some other legal issues.

  • The sloped ceiling limits the headroom available on the second level can also be a limitation.

  • Allocating the ample space to fit in a staircase in a house that was never designed to have the 2nd floor. Though, some of the ground floor space will require to be sacrificed. As the location of a staircase will be dictated by the internal layout though.

More Words about loft conversion ideas for bungalows or houses

The traditional bungalows/houses can still retain their original features such as brickworks. Materials can be sourced to make sure that the newer elements of the construction blend in well. These were the loft conversion ideas for bungalows. So, this is your chance to refresh the elevation as well as to make your old house look like a new build one.

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