Loft Conversions in London

Here at BuildJoy, we carry out many designs & build loft conversions in London. We turn these into beautiful spaces. Some people require more space for a growing family but are unable to afford to move home. whereas others are looking for a space in the house to extend. Our target is to remove as much hassle as possible with the loft conversions in London.


Loft Conversions in London

Since there are many Loft conversion companies in London. Though it makes it difficult for people to opt for the best. But now, you can get to know the details from the best loft conversion company in London, Build Joy.

Types of Loft Conversions

You may want to know the type of loft conversions in London such as an L-shaped dormer loft conversion, dormer loft conversion as well as a hip to gable loft conversion. We even install staircases, furniture, a built-in store and much more.

Loft conversion cost

The cost of loft conversions in London is generally between £30,000 & £55,000 depending on the design, area, level of project management as well as type of conversion.

Do you need permission for loft conversions in London?

For most loft conversions the planning permission is not required as well. Hence, you will need to get planning permission if your plans exceed certain limits as well as the conditions. These are such as extending the roof space beyond its current limits.

Can you do a loft conversion in a flat?

The planning regulations for flats, as well as the maisonettes, are more restrictive than for houses. This means that planning permission might be required for most exterior alterations to a flat. They are such as loft conversions and outbuildings.

Can you put a loft conversion in a maisonette?

It may come as a surprise to many maisonette owners that it is possible and also in some cases to it is also possible to add a loft conversion.