House Extension Builders London

The house extension builders London is a great idea if you need more space but don’t want to move a house. Hence, an extension is an ideal way to maximize the size of your property. From an initial decision to extend your house, the process seems bewildering. Though, rather than purchasing a property, extending is possibly the second major investment you will make.

House Extension Ideas

  • Reconfigure your existing space during a house extension builders London.

  • Add a conservatory extension.

  • Rear extension of your house.

  • Kitchen extension.

  • Loft extension etc.

Northwood Extension 1.jpeg

How much does it cost to build the house extensions London?

A single-storey extension in London will usually cost more than £2,000 or £3,000 per sqm. To know the exact cost amount and some other details, contact us now.

What size extension can you build without permission?

The rear extensions tend to get the least amount of red tape associated with them. Also, in most instances, one must be able to build a single-storey extension of up to 4 metres for a detached house, or sometimes 3 metres for all other types of house. It is most probably without requiring the planning permission.

Why choose a house extension in London rather than buying a new property?

Once you have decided exactly what you want with your house, you can begin your life to a better home to a simple extend rather than buying a new one. Throughout the process, a house extension in London will provide you with a dedicated project manager that can answer any questions you might have during the build. We, the Buildjoy ensure that you will be 100% happy after the transformation.

An Important Update

Our services from the design phase to the building/construction phase will ensure that your new house is built successfully. We also have partnered up with the Local Authority Building Control to deliver quality home architecture design as well as construction services. You can also find us on Facebook.

Advantage of House Extension

  • The problem with moving to another place is that one is needed to look for a good buyer which usually takes time.

  • In London, there are other fees to consider such as taxes imposed on legal documentation that can normally build up.

  • The home extension in London gives the family plenty of room to move around.