Home Automation – Saving Energy the efficient way

When it comes to modern living, home automation is the future. Home automation allows you to not only live smarter but also to live more comfortably too. Imagine being able to come home from work, greeted by a house that is the perfect temperature and that is ready to welcome you in. Isn’t that the best feeling ever? 


This is what home automation can offer you. 


But, let’s look at home automation or smart homes in more detail. What benefits do they have, and why do we think that more and more smart homes will be a part of our lives in the future?

They allow you to turn out the lights

When it comes to modern living, home automation is the future. Home automation allows you to not only live smarter but also to live more 

You may think that it is relatively harmless to leave a light on whilst you are not in your house. However, this can be a massive waste of energy, not only causing harm to our planet but also costing us money. 


Smart homes have a range of features that are designed to help with wasted light energy. You can use an app or voice-controlled device to turn out lights when you are not in the room or when you are in the room. 


You can also install motion sensors that recognise that no one is in the space, and therefore, the lights should automatically dim or turn out completely. 

You can regulate temperature

One of the most costly aspects of home energy has to be heating it. The trouble is that you need a warm (or cool if you have air conditioning) house, so you will need to use that energy. If you have a smart home, then it becomes all the easier to manage and control temperature. 


You can turn the thermostat either up or down, depending on what is going on outside, and you can also link the temperature control to sync with other aspects of your house, including shades, fans and lights. All of which can reduce your energy usage and, therefore, your bill too. 

You can use the all off command to reduce phantom energy drainage

How often do you leave an appliance on standby mode, plugged into your sockets, but not actually in use? The chances are that this is more often than not. When your devices are plugged in but not used, they still drain energy and cost you money. 


Within a smart home, you can use the all off command, which allows you to switch off all the devices in your home with just one button. You can even do it when you are not at home. 

Smart Security 

Not every aspect of home automation is related to energy or money-saving. You can utilise smart tech for security too. They are easy to use and easy to install and help you live safely in your home without ever worrying about using keys or codes to keep yourself secure. 


You can integrate smart security with home alarms, which means you can have an extra sense of security. You can also share your access codes with your family or friends, making things much easier should they need to gain access to your property when you are not there. 

Think that a smart home might be the ideal choice for you and your home?

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