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Changing the way of life in some of the smartest homes constructed by our Team in the suburbs of London, 15 miles around Heathrow.

We offer design & build solutions to the New Builds, Home Extensions, Loft Conversions, or Remodelling of Kitchen & Bathrooms.

Home renovations and build are complex projects as different skilled people have to come together at different times in a perfectly synchronized schedule, and that is made possible by sheer planning of our Project Managers.
Our Project Managers are providing real time work progress information to the Home Owners. We provide pictures on every step of construction, and detailed update on the quality of the build.

Our Company has Architects, Structure engineers, Building Surveyors and Master Craftsman on Call for any technical help required at the build site on emergency basis

Home Extensions

The most expensive items in an extension are roof and foundations. We advise on the right type to the clients in each circumstance to ensure better productivity and smart spaces to the extensions.

Smaller conservatory or sunroom often don’t require planning permission, are excluded from the building regulations and are relatively inexpensive.

Loft Conversions

If you are looking to add more space to your home, then it makes more sense to better use existing space before starting to add more. Loft conversion is ideal for adding that extra space.

Loft conversions might need planning permission depending on whether you are changing the footprint of the existing dwelling or not. Always check with your local planning department before starting any loft conversion project. Building regulations approval is necessary for a loft conversion project. If your home is semi-detached or terraced, then you will need to notify your neighbours under the requirements of the party wall act.


Poorly insulated and ventilated roofing can suffer from problems such as the formation of ice dams around the overhanging eaves in cold weather, causing water from melted snow on upper parts of the roof to penetrate the roofing material. Ice dams occur when heat escapes through the uppermost part of the roof, and the snow at those points melts, refreezing as it drips along the shingles, and collecting in the form of ice at the lower points.

This can result in structural damage from stress, including the destruction of gutter and drainage systems.

Always work with experts when selecting a roofing solution.

Refurbishments & Remodeling of


A successfully planned refurbishment,Remodeling project can enhance a building’s aesthetics. It also adds value to the property. Attention to detail is required to deliver on your vision and plans.

We work with team which is highly skilled in this.

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